DVRGNT meets Undrgrnd w/ bRAMSKI DC, Klatergoud a.o. | Undrgrnd

datum: vrijdag 24 februari 2017

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DVRGNT meets Undrgrnd w bRAMSKI DC Klatergoud a o | Undrgrnd

After almost a year of parties in The Hague and an edition at Amsterdam Dance Event last year, it is time for something new. Together with Prjct Undrgrnd, DVRGNT will have its first night filled with pure melodic techno in Amsterdam, combined with arts, visuals and other surprises.

Line up
bRAMSKi DC [ S&N Records, The Rumpus Room® ]
Klatergoud [ TWSTd, Ons Kent Ons ]
ARY & Byster [ Excess - The Movement, DVRGNT ]

After hours
Alex Sharp [ Undrgrnd , Late Am ]

tickets via Resident Advisor


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