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datum: zaterdag 6 mei 2017

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Hoodoo  Dialoque Olivier Weiter Genii  Kerala Dust | Sugarfactory

Hoodoo //

Hoodoo, is African-American folk magic. It consists mainly of African folkloric practices and beliefs with a significant blend of American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore. It is in no way linked to any particular form of theology, and it can be adapted into numerous forms of outward religious worship. Although it is not a religion, there are elements of African and European religions at the core of hoodoo beliefs. Teachings and rituals are passed down from one practitioner to another—there are no designated priests or priestesses and there are no divisions between initiates and laity. Rituals vary depending on the individual performing them; there is no strict approach that one must adhere to..

▬▬ LINE-UP ▬▬

▶ Genii (live)
▶ Kerala Dust (live)
▶ Dialoque (live)
▶ Olivier Weiter


▶ 360 Visuals
▶ Theatrale acts
▶ Donker Collective
&many more
A visual explosion


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