International Pubquiz | Coco's Outback Pub

datum: dinsdag 19 december 2017

International Pubquiz | Cocos Outback Pub

Coco's Outback's International Pubquiz

Come and join us for the monthly Pubquiz at Coco´s Outback.

1st Price: Each teammember wins a Dinner Movie Voucher (max. 5)
2nd Price: Each teammember wins a 15€ Coco's voucher (max. 5)
3rd Price: Each teammember wins a Pathé movie ticket (max. 5)

The rules:
- 2,50€ entrance per teammember
- Maximum 5 teammembers per team
- No use of mobile phones
(- Their might be waiters that can be bribed with tips)

Great deals:
- All starters are available with 50% discount
- 5x heineken for €15 euro
- 5x somersby cider for €15 euro

See you in the Outback!


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