La Rêve ✗ Lost in the Jungle | WesterUnie

datum: zaterdag 4 maart 2017

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La Rêve ✗ Lost in the Jungle | WesterUnie

Last night we had a dream.

Far away, deep in the jungle..
Wanna join us on this wild adventure?

The infamous Westerunie will be transformed into a wilderness, where primal desires will be fulfilled by jungle beats, leading you through our own urban amazon.

✗ Flora & Fauna
✗ Primal sounds
✗ Amazon vibes
✗ Tarzans & Janes

Lets get lost in the jungle!

✗✗ Line-up ✗✗

Line-up release on the 11th of January!

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Support: Jørgen

✗✗ Dreams ✗✗

Early Cockatoos (€16,50)

➳ First tickets will be available on the 11th of January at 12:00.

When you buy your ticket it will include the adoption of 1m² of Costa Rica's endangered rainforest. We can help to protect the jungle, so lets fill up the Westerunie together and save 1000m² of precious life on earth!

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✗✗ Info ✗✗

La Rêve
22:00 - 05:00

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