Label = Unknown w/ MELON - Lin - Hary Shanthi at THT | Paradiso Noord - Tolhuistuin

datum: vrijdag 5 mei 2017

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Label = Unknown w MELON - Lin - Hary Shanthi at THT | Paradiso Noord - Tolhuistuin

Our mission is to create a platform that promotes solidarity, diversity and multiculturalism. We believe that we can facilitate genuine connections through the power of music, art and storytelling. By removing the labels based on religion, sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity we are creating an environment where everybody can be who they want to be.

▬▬▬ ♪ LINE-UP ♪ ▬▬▬
★ Melon (3-hour set)
★ Dj Lin (Body Condition, Estafete)
★ Hary Shanthi (Label = Unknown, KLANK Music)


Sedrig Verwoert (So You Think You Can Dance)

▬▬▬ ♪ ARTWORK & VISUALS ♪ ▬▬▬
The community!

Reset your mind & dance!

Prior to the party, we organize our "inspiration sessions" (21:00-23:00) with a special guest that will educate and inspire us.
Our resident DJ D'tact will take care of the musical part.
For more info join the community:

Paradiso Noord | Tolhuistuin is a PIN/CARD ONLY location!


The 5 Core values of our events

Underground music connects people from various backgrounds. It is one of the most powerful instruments that we humans created. Through music many stigma’s become irrelevant and it opens our souls to experience the unknown.

Label = Unknown is a unique project where we tell our story filled with values by using music and social education as a tool. With this, we hope to establish our mission: “to create a platform that promotes solidarity, diversity and multiculturalism making it the defining pillars of humanity. Under Label = Unknown we will also roll out multiple (non) musical events.

1: Educate, Inspire and Change
Come and join the discussion. Prior to each event we will organize our Inspiration Sessions. We will invite inspiring people who will share their life story that promotes our core values.

2: Artists
We will carefully handpick crate diggers and educators all around the world to unify in a unique aspect by manifesting their musical talents purely in the notion to bring us all together under one roof.

3: Sound
Our sound can't be placed in a box just like us humans. We are a mix of cosmic, melodic and deep, just like our souls. We don’t restrict ourselves to one genre, but we are inspired by the reflection of the artist’s identity and values through their sounds.

4: Community
We are a strong community that actively discusses our mission. Being part of the Label = Unknown community means you are an ambassador for change. A change within us that delivers the best version of ourselves to the society.

5: Corporate Social Responsibility
We collaborate with various organizations that share our values to promote humanity, which is the heart of our corporate social responsibility strategy.


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